Why Elope?

The first reason why you should elope is simply if you want to. If you and your partner want to get married in a non-traditional way, then you should! No one's opinion should keep you from having the wedding day of your dreams. 

The second reason to elope is the price. Now we do not want to fool you and make you think that eloping is cheap. We get it, when booking a photo and video team, lodging, and travel the price stacks up. This is before even getting a dress, BUT when eloping, you will not have to book an expensive venue and feed 100+ guests. Between just a venue, catering, and a bar, couples end up paying anywhere between $30,000 - $75,000 for their traditional wedding. Eloping is not that expensive. 

The third reason to elope is the drama free day and the chill planning process you get to enjoy. We have experienced too many traditional wedding days that involve sad, angry tears and yelling. We have seen too many couples stressed during the planning process, and wishing the day would come and go. We come along side you and help curate an elopement day that fits who you are as a couple. Instead of trying to figure out what napkins you want at the reception, you get to decide what adventure to go on. On the day of the elopement we have a relaxed approach to tackling the day. We want you to sit and enjoy coffee as the sun rises or sets. We want you to go on a fun adventure and experience a day that will be a story you get to tell to your children and grandchildren. 

What's Included

each wedding day is completely different, and we want to help you plan a day that is going to best represent who you are as a couple.

2 storytellers

Planning resources 

Professional Guiding

Gretchen will document the day through photo (both digital & 35mm film), and Robert will document the day through video (both digital & super 8mm video format)

We provide vendor recommendations, location guides, a custom timeline, and elopement guides for you as you plan your day

Robert is a Licensed Maine State Sea Kayaking and Recreational Guide.

included in every elopement:

-a quick overview-

The Rendezvous Experience

Photo | video | Guiding


We believe there is beauty in every season and all weather conditions. When shooting, our goal is to capture the mood and atmosphere of the moment just as it is. Whether it is a moody coastline or a grand mountain top sunset, we aim to capture it as accurately as one can.
During an elopement day we incorporate two different styles of photography that you will experience. The first is a structured photoshoot where we direct you into beautiful, natural poses. These will happen throughout the day. The second is candid photo journalism. This is where we capture you mid-stride headed up the trail. Combining these two methods allows us to fully tell the story of the day.
We want you and generations to come to look at these photos and feel your emotions and experience the atmosphere of the day. We hope to inspire all who see our images to get outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Our desire is that your story and our photos inspire future generations to break free of tradition and get married in unique ways.
We aim to capture images that are timeless and organic. One way we do this is by capturing images on both digital and film. We use the power of editing to further tell the story of the day. We take whatever the day gives us and use that as a guide to edit our photos. Our goal is that you re-live your special day through the images we create together.

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Our approach to video is similar to photo. We want to capture the day just as it was. We combine the cinematic feel with a documentary way of telling your story. If you go on an epic adventure we work to create movement that captures that mood. If your day is rainy we would make a video that fits that day. 
We believe video is so important on an elopement day because so many family members and close friends may not be with you. Where photos allow viewers to see your day, a video allows those not in attendance to experience your day. They can hear your laughter and the wind rushing over the mountain top. There is a continual quest to figure out the best way to elope and still include your family. We believe a video is the perfect thing to allow your family to experience your non-traditional wedding. 
Along with a cinematic short film, we also film a "behind the scenes vlog" that shows what goes into an elopement. This is just another way for you and your family to experience the day. You will be able to re-live the funny in-between moments that might not make it into the film. Being a photo and video team allows us to fully capture your day in all of it's beautiful essence.

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Here at Rendezvous Elopements, our number one priority in the backcountry is your safety! We want your day to be, in the best way possible, a truly unforgettable experience. When going into the mountains, or out onto the ocean it is important to always go with people who are knowledgeable and trustworthy in the outdoors. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to educate ourselves, and be outside as much as possible.
Robert is licensed by the state of Maine to guide sea kayaking and recreational adventures. Gretchen is an RN who is pursuing her guiding license as well. Vincent is an avid outdoorsman and skier and has spent countless hours on the trail and in the forest. We all have a passion for documenting and creating experiences in the outdoors. Your wedding day is a grand occasion in your life, and we want to help you create a day that reflects that. 
As guides we will always prepare for the worst and will continue to practice critical thinking and decision making throughout the day. We are an elopement photo and video team for the avid outdoor adventurer as well as for the couple with little to no experience in the backcountry. Eloping in amazing places can be for everyone. We believe we are the perfect storytellers to work with if you want an epic experience.  

Let's plan an awesome adventure

You also Get...


No travel fees at all if we are already in the area of your desired location. We are gearing up to live on the road full time. If we have to travel outside our pre planned travel itinerary, but are able to drive, there will be no lodging fees. We will be in various location in 2024 so click here to see where we will be!

We know of so many unpopular locations that are just as stunning as the popular ones. This gives you a unique experience and more privacy from onlookers. We specialize in Maine and New Hampshire, but have extensive experience throughout the Northeast and Canada's Maratime provinces. We have also all lived in Jackson Hole for a time and consider the mountains of WY to be an area of expertise as well.

We believe it is better for the environment and the economy if we are supporting other locals. We have lists of florists, officiants, and bakers that we recommend throughout the various locations we recommend. There is no need to fly flowers to Maine from California when there are amazing local florists. We want to uplift and support the other small businesses in any way we can. 

We are firm believers that every elopement is truly different from the one before. We do not fully plan your day for you, but rather offer recommendations and helpful tips to assist you in making decisions. Due to experience we can help you plan out a day that is not rushed and allows you to get the most out of the experience. We want you to get the best bang for your buck!

Exclusive Northeast Location Guides

Vendor Recommendations

Custom Timeline

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We hope to inspire all who see our images to get outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Our goal is that our images and videos inspire society to take care of this earth. We are firm believers that if we all do our part we can make a change. There are some parts of the earth that are struggling and there are other areas that are pristine. We wish that all corners of the earth represent how wild and beautiful this planet is. We hope that future generations can get married in epic, beautiful locations as well. We understand there have been many elopements that have caused problems like littering and damaging fragile ecosystems. We practice Leave No Trace on every elopement day to ensure that these locations stay clean and beautiful. 

the team

let's hang out!



Behind the Scenes Vlogger and packmule


Amy H.

I genuinely can not begin to describe how incredible our experience with Rendevous Elopements was. They helped create the most perfect and magical day we could have ever dreamed of. They helped us with everything from finding flowers to officiating our ceremony. The day was planned perfectly but still allowed us to be in the moment. We never felt stressed or rushed. They were so kind and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It felt like a day with friends. We were nervous about being in front of a camera for 6 hours but we honestly didn't even realize they were taking our picture most of the time. The day was all about us and they captured it perfectly. The pictures turned out so amazing it looked like a movie. Robert, Gretchen, and Vincent made our elopement day absolutely perfect. Choosing Rendevous Elopements was the best decision and we could not be more grateful.


Gretchen and Robert are incredible! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone thinking about adventure eloping! They are so easy to work with and full of great ideas. They really care about your day and they went above and beyond for me and my husband. Gretchen planned a timeline for the day and thought of every detail. On the actual day of, we had so much fun with them and the way they’d help direct us for certain shots, but didn’t pose us. When we got the pictures back, we were speechless. There wasn’t a single a picture I didn’t like. Seriously! I could not have asked for better. And then we got the video back and we were even more blown away! Robert added such beautiful touches to the video like the sound of seagulls and waves in the background. I swear everyone we show it to cries lol! If you’re looking for a great elopement photography/videography team, pick them!

-Nic c.

My husband and I have worked with Rendezvous Elopements on two separate occasions. The first time was for a fun adventure shoot & the second was for our micro wedding. Gretchen & Robert are truly the sweetest people we have ever met. Their energy is infectious and their talent is simply unmatched. Both Gretchen and Robert made us feel so comfortable and relaxed not only on our big day, but during the entire process. From booking, the first "meet" on Zoom, to regular check ins before the big day. They are extremely organized and detail oriented and truly curate an entire experience for the couple. With their love for adventure, their eye for beauty and the skill they bring as a creative team, the outcome is something magical and beautiful. Gretchen and Robert have the ability to capture emotion and beauty in each photo that tell the story of who the couple truly is. I cannot recommend Rendezvous Elopements enough! They truly made our day the most special day ever and have given us photos and video to cherish and look at for the rest of our lives. Thank you guys!!!

-ginna H.

Rendezvous Elopements is the result of so much hard work from Robert and Gretchen and their unrelenting dedication to skill, authenticity, and adventure. I had the privilege of having Robert shoot my wedding - an intimate ceremony on the coast of Maine. Our photos were nothing short of breath-taking; Robert captured the tears, the excitement, the nerves, and most importantly, the love that abounded that day! Our wedding day was perfect and the gorgeous photos Robert took will serve as a life-long reminder of that! Robert is one of the most genuine and adventurous people you’ll ever meet - I HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with Rendezvous if your elopement ideas seem unachievable right now - they’ll help your visions come to life and make them even more beautiful than you can imagine!

Cynthia W.

Love Rendezvous Elopements! They are fantastic. You couldn’t get nicer more down to earth people to work with. Everything was calm, so relaxed, that I forgot they were filming! Their work speaks for itself. Truly a magical day. We were blessed to have these beautiful moments caught on film forever!! A huge thank you from the mother of the bride to Robert and Gretchen not only for your outstanding talent but for being such wonderfully personable people. 

-Joanna M.

I wish I could write a whole book on how amazing Rendezvous Elopements is!! My husband and I love the outdoors, and are always up for an adventure. Rendezvous elopements went above and beyond to capture not only gorgeous pics, but also adventurous pics that describe our relationship beautifully. Pictures should describe who you are as a couple, and rendezvous elopements will do just that. They will hike that mountain, get you in your element, and the outcome is BEAUTIFUL. They are always down for an adventure, and you will feel like your best friends by the end of the shoot. Will forever be sharing these pictures. Can’t say enough about them! So book them now! Seriously. ;)

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If you do not have a date set we will help you pick a time that will best fit the adventure you want! A contract and deposit will make sure no one else can book us for that day.

If you do not have a dream location we will help you find the perfect place that represents who you are as a couple. 

We have great resources that will help you know exactly what needs to be done to get ready fo this adventure. We will help you make the perfect timeline to create a fun, safe, and epic adventure. 

          Vincent and Gretchen are living in their sprinter van, and are full time on the road. Robert is based in Maine, but is living most of the time out of his Subaru. Our fall plans include Maine, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. We still have a few openings for this summer & fall so reach out soon!



Downeast Maine and Acadia



the coast of Maine



The Coast of Maine & Acadia

September-October 10th

October 10th-30th

the White Mountains, NH

winter 2024/2025

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*This is just a guide so you know when and where you can elope without any travel fees! If possible, we will travel outside of this schedule upon request. There will just be some travel fees applied. 

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3-4 elopement dates left! 

3-4 elopement dates left! 



How much does an average elopement cost in total?

Are we able to customize our day to fit our needs?

Most couples pay between $10,000 and $20,000 total depending on the elopement day, travel, lodging, food, etc.

Absolutely! You get to choose exactly how you want your day to go and how much of it you want us to document.

We provide local knowledge and recommendations for florists, officiants, activities, trails, and accommodations. We help create a custom timeline for you and your day. We do not book anything for you. 


YES! We love winter elopements and adventures!

Any and all of them! We love intense adventures in the backcountry, and we love simple ceremonies in the backyard.

If the location you are eloping in allows it and if your dog is trained, then YES absolutely! 

YES! We love having a few family members or friends come on the adventure 

YES! If you want to trek far into the backcountry to promise your love to each other we will be there documenting the whole trip!

YES! We travel within the U.S. and internationally. We spend a lot of time on the road and will gladly photograph you in your desired location. 

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