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Where to elope in Maine? Maine has so many options for locations which can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to elope. The good thing is, whatever you decide will be so special and beautiful! Maine has one national park, one national monument, 32 state parks, and so many hidden gems we love to visit. 

This guide will cover TEN of our favorite place in Maine to help inspire a day full of adventure in this beautiful state. 

1. Acadia National Park
2. Baxter State Park
3. The Bigelow Range
4. Down East
5. Camden Hills State Park 
6. Grafton Notch 
7. Gulf Hagas 
8. Isle Au Haut
9. The Desert of Maine
10. Seawall Beach

Depending on what kind of adventure you want for your wedding day will determine what area you want to explore. All of these places offer beautiful scenery that is perfectly Maine. Eloping in any of these areas will be an adventure. Here is a list of the TOP 10 BEST LOCATIONS TO ELOPE IN MAINE !

Acadia National Park

  Known for its rugged and raw beauty, Acadia is definitely a bucket list destination for many. Acadia is located at the heart of the Maine coast, and around every corner you will find beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. The park is very accessible making it a great place to elope for those who want the views but not the long hike. This also means it is a busy place during the summer. Crowds can be avoided by planning your adventure for early morning, or evening, and by hiking to less popular locations. 

A few locations we love are the following:
     Otter Cliffs - easy walk, parking close by, path
     Great Head - easy hike, 1.8 mi. 265 ft elev. gain (see trail here)
     Sargent Peak - moderate, 6.5 mi. 1318 ft. elev. gain (our fav trail)   

Otter Cliffs is the perfect location for couples who do not want to go on an intense adventure. This location offers a dramatic coastline and views of the mountains. Parking is close by and the Ocean Path offers many spots along the coast that would be perfect for a small ceremony. A downfall for this location is that is can be busy due to the fact that it is easily accessible. 
With a short hike involved, Great Head offers a little bit more adventure than Otter Cliffs. This weather beaten peninsula is offers many different viewpoints. From looking across to Schoodic point, standing on the edge of a cliff, or looking back towards the Acadia mountains and Sand Beach. We are confident you will be in awe at the beauty all around you. 
Located in the center of the island, Sargent Mountain is a rugged mountain with a 360 view from the top. We enjoy this mountain because it sits in the shadow of its popular brother Cadillac Mountain. This leaves the trails a little less busy for us to enjoy. 
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Baxter State Park

Covering 209,644 acres of land, Baxter is one of Maine's largest wilderness areas. With 50 lakes, 55 mountain peaks, and over 200 miles of trails, this piece of land offers endless adventures for the couple who wants a true wilderness adventure. Baxter is home to Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest peak, which offers epic locations like Chimney Pond, Pamola Peak, the Tablelands, and of course Baxter Peak itself. 

The mountains surrounding Katahdin are fun mountains to hike and most provide great views of Katahdin from their peaks. All hiking trails in Baxter will be rated at least as "moderate" so if planning a hiking elopement, make sure you have a good pair of hiking boots. 
Many of the lakes in Baxter are remote meaning you will have to hike to them, but some are easily accessible and you would be able to launch some kayaks or a canoe. If a lakeside camping trip sounds like your ideal day, we will find the perfect remote lakeside campsite for you to say "I do."

Baxter and its brother, Katahdin Woods and Waters, offer a variety of true wilderness adventures for your elopement. Baxter is the perfect place to book a Full Day, Sunrise to Sunset, or Multi Day elopement. 

The Bigelow Range

Home to two of Maine's 4,ooo foot peaks and over 33,000 acres of wilderness, the Bigelows showcase beauty that many do not know about. The mountain range forms the north side of the Carabasset Valley and looks across to Sugarloaf, one of New Englands most popular ski resorts. 

The Bigelows also border Flagstaff lake, which is one of the largest lakes in Maine. From the lake beautiful views of the mountains can be seen, along with an occasional moose or two.
Hiking in the Bigelows is perfectly beautiful. The trails can provide a good days hike with spectacular 360 views from the top of the peaks.  Two small ponds, Cranberry Pond and the Horns Pond, sit between the rugged peaks. Taking a pitstop at one of these ponds would be a great addition to your hike. 

The areas and the lake surrounding the mountains provide beautiful views of the mountains, and adventures for all ability levels. The Bigelows boast some tall mountains and rugged terrain, perfect for couples who love the outdoors. All of our elopement packages would fit any adventure in the Bigelows and surrounding areas.


DownEast is a region on the coast of Maine that is home to Acadia National Park and hundreds of other islands. The harbors in this region are filled with lobster boats and curious seals waiting for a fisherman's handout. This area is quiet and remote, but filled with beauty you will not want to miss. 

When we say the possibilities are endless in DownEast we mean it! Around every corner is another stunning location contending to outshine the one prior. There are so many secluded spots that are just as beautiful as the popular locations you see on instagram. 
With all the islands off the coast in this region it is the perfect spot for a sea kayaking elopement. There are islands close enough to the mainland that would be perfect for a quick trip and enough islands to make it into a weekend.

One of our favorite locations is Great Wass Island Preserve. This island is actually accessible by car and has a beautiful 5 mile hike around the island. There are beautiful spots for picnicking, and if the tides are right, even a spot for cliff jumping. This is truly a gem that shines in DownEast Maine.

From hikes in mossy forests to sea kayaking around islands, DownEast Maine is a magical place to start this exciting, new chapter of your life.

Camden Hills State park

Camden Hills is a simple park that has beautiful view looking across the Penobscot Bay. This park is close to both Lincolnville and Camden. These two cute small towns have yummy seafood and a vibrant coastal vibe. The hiking in this park is fun and will fit most ability levels. 

Mount Battie is the most accessible viewpoint in the park, because it has a road that goes directly to the top. This is great for couples who do not want to hike but also makes this location busier than other spots in the park.

Maiden's Cliff is located on the backside of the park and overlooks Megunticook Lake. The trail to this location is short but steeper than other spots in the park. This location would be especially great for sunset!

There are many other hikes in the park leading to beautiful views of the bay. Any decision in this park is a good decision. This park is one of our favorites because it is easily accessible and provides beautiful views of the coast. 

Grafton Notch

Located in Western Maine, Grafton Notch offers many trails and beautiful views. The notch is located just north of Bethel, Maine and one of the best ski resorts in the east.

This park is home to Old Speck Mountain, which is on one of Maine's 4k footers. At the top of Old Speck there is a fire tower that hikers can climb to see spectacular views of Western Maine and New Hampshire. 

The many trails in this area allow for couples to have many options to choose from. This means there are also backup plans in case trails are unexpectedly closed or impassable. 

With the amount of options in this area of Maine, we are confident that any couple will have a spectacular day exploring this beautiful wilderness.

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Gulf Hagas

"The Grand Canyon of Maine"

Gulf Hagas is a gorge cutting through the Northern Maine Mountains. The gorge is around 3 miles long, and there are many waterfalls along this section of the West branch of the Pleasant River. This is a white water kayaker's playground so as you hike you will probably see some kayakers sending it over the waterfalls.

The Rim Trail is around 8 miles long and is rated as moderate. There is not much elevation gain as the trail follows the river. The trail is a loop, and takes just over 3 hours to complete. 

Gulf Hagas is such an awesome place to hike and explore. It offers scenery apart from the typical Northeast mountain tops. Because is is located south of Baxter and along the AT, there are plenty of options apart form Gulf Hagas to explore.

Isle Au Haut

Isle Au Haut is an Island roughly 6 miles off the coast. This island is located in the Penobscot Bay, and is south of Deer Isle/Stonington. Visitors can get out to the island by taking the mail boat out of Stonington. 

Isle Au Haut is home to a forgotten piece of ACADIA NATIONAL PARK. Here you can hike beautiful trails without the crowds. You can bring bikes out to the island and bike on the dirt road that goes around the island. if visitors want to stay on the island there is campground right on the water that gives direct access to the shore and beautiful trails. 

To anyone who decides to elope on this island we suggest that you camp on the island to experience the island at its fullest. We think this would give you the best chance to explore and not feel rushed. We believe in slow paced weddings! 

This is truly a Maine experience. We highly recommend an adventure out on this unique island.  

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The Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine is a unique place. Twenty acres of sand form this small desert in the middle of Maine's lush forest. It is a growing tourist attraction so we recommend having your ceremony in a different location and just doing photos here. 

It may not be the iconic cliffs of Acadia, but it would be such a unique add on to any elopement day. 

The desert is located just outside of Freeport. In the Freeport area there are many small coastal preserves that would pair perfectly with the desert.

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Seawall Beach

Seawall Beach sits in the shadow of Popham Beach. It is on the same peninsula as Popham, but just requires a little more work to get there. 

Seawall beach is accessed via a 2 mile hike from the parking lot. There is some elevation gain on trail, but is otherwise ranked as an easy trail. 

The parking lot is not large, the trail is longer than most beach goers want, and the beach is pretty large. This means the beach is regularly pretty empty and will allow couples to have a private ceremony. 

Because the parking lot is small we suggest getting there early in the morning during peak summer. During the shoulder seasons there should always be parking available. 

This is a great option for couples who want the beach elopement with a little adventure. 

more about the trail here. 

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