Why Elope?

with rich wilderness, rugged mountains, and a complex coastline, Acadia is the perfect Island to say "i do"

Eloping in Acadia National Park

The first reason why you should elope is simply if you want to. If you and your partner want to get married in a non-traditional way, then you should! No one's opinion should keep you from having the wedding day of your dreams. 

The second reason to elope is the price. Now we do not want to fool you and make you think that eloping is cheap. We get it, when booking a photo and video team, lodging, and travel the price stacks up. This is before even getting a dress, BUT when eloping, you will not have to book an expensive venue and feed 100+ guests. Between just a venue, catering, and a bar, couples end up paying anywhere between $30,000 - $75,000 for their traditional wedding. Eloping is not that expensive. 

The third reason to elope is the drama free day and the chill planning process you get to enjoy. We have experienced too many traditional wedding days that involve sad, angry tears and yelling. We have seen too many couples stressed during the planning process, and wishing the day would come and go. We come along side you and help curate an elopement day that fits who you are as a couple. Instead of trying to figure out what napkins you want at the reception, you get to decide what adventure to go on. On the day of the elopement we have a relaxed approach to tackling the day. We want you to sit and enjoy coffee as the sun rises or sets. We want you to go on a fun adventure and experience a day that will be a story you get to tell to your children and grandchildren. 

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Known for its rugged and raw beauty, Acadia is a bucket list destination for many. Acadia is located at the heart of the Maine coast. Around every corner, you will find beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. Acadia is very accessible making it a great place to elope for those who want the views but not the long hike. This also means it is a busy place during the summer. Crowds can be avoided by planning your adventure for early morning, or evening, and by hiking to less popular locations. Eloping in Acadia National Park will be something that you will never forget and will tell stories about for years to come.

A Quick Overview

The Best Season





When eloping in Acadia National Park, you must take into consideration the season you want to get married in. Here at Rendezvous, we believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing choices. (except for tornadoes and hurricanes, those are bad) Acadia displays each season brilliantly, and we are confident that you will love whatever season you choose to adventure in.

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Hancock County. Peak summer on the island spans between June, July, and August, with very pleasant weather in May and September. Along with the rest of the state of Maine, the island explodes with fall colors in October. Fall colors on MDI usually peak around the second to the third week in October.

The cold coastal winter starts to sink in during the month of November, and snow will sometimes start to arrive in December. Winter will last until the end of March and the buds start popping in April. 

Ideal weather on the island comes between June and August with beautiful weather in May and September. The best month for coastal wildflowers is June. Unfortunately, June and May are also mosquito, black fly, and noseeum season. In June the temperature is usually in the 70s (F) with cool evenings and mornings.

The park remains quite busy all summer long, but the busiest season is July. The ocean surrounding MDI warms up the most this month but rarely exceeds 55*F. July temperatures are usually in the 80s with a few days reaching the 90s.

August temperatures are similar to those in June. The ocean breeze keeps the island fairly cool during the summer months. There are also many foggy days throughout the summer where the temperatures will stay in the 50s and 60s.

Winter spans from December through March. December on the island stays relatively brown. The coastal climate makes most inland snowstorms turn to rain as they approach the island during this month. Cold, windy days are a good representation of what winter on MDI looks like.

January is usually the coldest month followed by February, the snowiest month. As the old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” Snow can come all month, but March is a wet, windy, and cold month.

We are always down to do winter sports elopements, like snowshoeing, skiing, and winter hiking. In our experience winter hiking in Acadia is usually very difficult. The wind is almost always ripping off the ocean, creating a very harsh environment on top of the coastal mountains. It makes for an unforgettable and invigorating experience though!

September is the perfect month when during the day temps are just barely warm and the evenings are starting to get cold. In our opinion, September is the best month for camping and hiking.

October brings beautiful fall weather and colors. The island’s fall colors are not as brilliant as Northern Maine’s colors, but they are still stunning. Fall colors in Acadia National Park start appearing the first week in October, and peak colors typically occur the second to the third week in October. You can expect the park to be relatively busy these two months due to the beautiful fall weather and foliage.

November is the month of brown. All the fall colors are gone along with the tourists. The cold starts to sink in and the days get very short. 

April is represented by new life. The trees are starting to bud and the grass is starting to turn green. Trails are muddy this month, but the temperatures are great for hiking!

The month of May brings charming flowers and all the shades of green to the island. This month is also when mosquito season starts. Both of these months would be wonderful for an elopement in Acadia National Park. 

The Best Time of Day

Sunrise & Sunset

Why? Crowds and Light

These are the best times to not only get the best light for stunning pictures but also for avoiding crowds. The light at these times will flatter you the most and will help us create compelling images to cherish for a lifetime We can shoot in all lighting situations but nothing beats the light at sunrise or sunset. 

The biggest reason to elope during these times is that it gives you a better chance to have a private elopement. Very few people are on the trails at this time. Having a moment that is just for the two of you is so special. We documented a sunrise elopement in the park and had the location completely to ourselves for a few hours! 

Location is key


Otter Cliffs

Jordan Pond

Penobscot Mountain

Schoodic Point

Isle Au Haut

Acadia National Park has so many options for locations which can be a little overwhelming. The good thing is, whatever you decide will be so special and beautiful!

This guide will cover five of our favorite places in Acadia to help you narrow  down what you want on your wedding day. 

1. Otter Cliffs
2. Jordan Pond
3. Penobscot Mountain
4. Schoodic Point
5. Isle Au Haut 

Deciding on the kind of Adventure you want for you wedding day will determine what area you want to explore. All these sites offer beautiful scenery that represents Acadia perfectly.

These locations are not the only sunning places in the park so reach out and we can find you a different location too!  

 Otter Cliffs is probably the most popular locations for eloping in Acadia National Park. It is the perfect location for couples who do not want to go on an intense adventure.

This location offers a dramatic coastline and views of the mountains. Parking is close by and the Ocean Path offers many spots along the coast that would be perfect for a small ceremony. Otter Cliffs is a great location for couples who want to book a shorter day.

One challenge of this location is that it can be busy because it is easily accessible. A sunrise ceremony here would be great, followed by a hike in the mountains. 

Jordan Pond offers beautiful views of the Bubbles across the water. This beautiful pond is an iconic location in the park making it relatively busy. Sunrise or sunset at the pond is beautiful and there are far fewer people on the trail during those times.


Penobscot Mountain is located just off Jordan Pond and the hike to the top is not terribly difficult. The trail is 2.9 miles and has an elevation gain of 974 feet.

When hiking Penobscot Mountain you can see views of the Atlantic and surrounding islands. You can also see Jordan Pond below and the surrounding mountains in the park. This is such a great option to add to your elopement day. 

Schoodic Point is located across the Mt. Desert Narrows to the east. It is a peninsula with beautiful trails and dramatic cliffs.

There are fewer people visiting this area of the park which allows you to find a more private location. From Scoodic there are stunning views of MDI from across the bay. Schoodic point is the perfect location for a picnic elopement by the sea. 


Isle Au Haut is an island located south of Stonington and Southwest of Swans Island. A large portion of the island is part of Acadia National Park. There are beautiful campsites and trails on the island making this perfect for an overnight island elopement.

The shoreline is rugged, rocky, and simply beautiful. You can access the island by taking the Mail Boat out of Stonington. You can explore the island by biking or by hiking. We suggest the best way to experience the island without any rush, is by camping on the island. 

book one of these locations

photo & video

What we do. 

Ok, let's be real. Your photographer/videographer spends most of your elopement day with you, so you want to make sure you hire one who you like! Not only will they be with you all day, but for adventure elopements, they will also be your guides. Finding someone who is knowledgeable in the outdoors is so important for adventure elopements. 

As a photo & video team, we will help you plan your ideal day, and help bring your dream to life. We will guide you on a beautiful, fun adventure for your big day. We will capture the big iconic moments and the little in-between moments. 

With Gretchen's wedding photography experience and Robert's landscape/adventure experience, you will be getting the ultimate coverage on your wedding day. You will be getting a gallery of images and a cinematic documentary of your day from two artists who are trained to capture two very different things. The combination of the two is perfect for an adventure elopement.

Planning, guiding, and documenting is our specialty, so let's work together!

LEt's bring your dream to life

Okay, this all sounds great but what makes Rendezvous Elopements different from anyone else who documents elopements.

We have a combined 10 years of experience in the photography industry. Robert has been working at mastering landscapes, adventure, and brand photography. Gretchen has been perfecting timeless wedding photography. In 2021 we decided to join forces. Coupled with our love for the outdoors, Rendezvous was born.

We are a photo and video team specializing in adventure elopements. We believe eloping is such a unique way to get married. We also understand not everyone you love can attend. Offering photo & video bridges the gap between eloping and including loved ones. A video allows those not in attendance to fully experience the day. They can hear the waves crashing against the rocks and hear the emotion in your voices. The combination of photo and video documentation is the perfect way to capture an intimate and epic wedding day.  

We hope to inspire all who see our images to get outside and enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Our goal is that our images and videos inspire society to take care of this earth. We are firm believers that if we all do our part we can make a change. There are some parts of the earth that are struggling and there are other areas that are pristine. We wish that all corners of the earth represent how wild and beautiful this planet is. We hope that future generations can get married in epic, beautiful locations as well. We understand there have been many elopements that have caused problems like littering and damaging fragile ecosystems. We practice Leave No Trace on every elopement day to ensure that these locations stay clean and beautiful. 


here are some fun ideas to inspire you to dream up an adventure of a lifetime

-Coastal picnic 
-Sunrise at Otter Cliffs followed by a hike up one of the mountains
-Sea kayaking to a small island off the coast 
-Rock climbing at Otter Cliffs
-Canoeing in Jordan Pond
-Sunset hike up Penobscot Mtn
-Overnight camping and hiking on Isle Au Haut
-Sunset from Schoodic Point
-A day at the Beach
-Sailing excursion 

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