Intimate Acadia National Park Elopement by the Sea | Rendezvous Elopements | Matt & Amy


We met up with Matt and Amy at Choco-Latte in Bar Harbor. Anyone who knows us knows we love a good cup of coffee. Matt and Amy are the same way. We met at the coffee shop, ordered some coffee, and chatted as we started documenting their day. After coffee, we headed to Acadia National Park. We walked around Jordan Pond taking in the sites. Jordan Pond was a special location to include on this elopement day because it was a place that held a lot of memories for Amy. This was just the beginning of Matt and Amy’s Intimate Acadia National Park Elopement by the Sea.

Silvermoon Bay | An Acadia National Park Elopement | Matt & Amy

The Ceremony

We drove to the trailhead for a short hike that brought us to the tops of some rugged cliffs. Once at the cliffs, we stopped for their ceremony. Vincent officiated their ceremony and they exchanged their vows with each other. The sun felt warm on our skin and the crisp smell of the ocean added to the sweetness of their day. After the ceremony, they set up a little charcuterie picnic and toasted with champagne.

An Acadia National Park Elopement Suprise

We noticed some rain clouds off to the east heading towards us so we packed up and got our rain gear out to be prepared for a little shower. At the last minute the rain went out to sea, and low and behold a rainbow showed up. We were ecstatic. We photographed and videoed Matt and Amy with the rainbow as the colors got brighter by the minute.

The sun was getting lower as we continued down the trail leading towards Sand Beach. As the sun set, the moon rose. Matt and Amy ran around the cool sand laughing and enjoying their Acadia National Park Elopement by the sea.


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