Autumn Acadia Elopement | Stephen & Julie

We drove through the dimly lit town in the early hours of a clear October day. Bar Harbor quietly awaited the arrival of the warm sun. We met up with Stephen and Julie where they were staying at the Bass Cottage Inn. They piled into our Jeep with the canoes strapped to the roof and we headed out. We arrived at the trailhead and began a brisk 15-minute walk into the darkness. The rocky trail was illuminated by our headlamps. As we cleared the trees, we were met with a warm glow on the horizon melting the sea into the sky. The cool breeze chilled our noses and cheekbones and carried with it the tangy scent of the North Atlantic. This is the story of Stephen & Julie’s Autumn Acadia Elopement. 

elopement couple hiking in Acadia in autumn

We met Stephen and Julie through Facebook. They are from Texas but were traveling to Acadia and wanted us to document & guide their autumn elopement. We were so excited! They booked us for October 9th, 2022, which was the PERFECT time in Acadia. The inland trees were bright and vibrant. Maine and New England are known for their fall colors; this year was no exception. 

Sunrise Vows | Acadia Coastline

Stephen & Julie decided they wanted to start the day off with their vows. We were standing high above the water on some weather-beaten cliffs. As they exchanged their vows, the sun began coming over the horizon as dramatically and majestically as possible. As the sun rose, so did the temperature. We took some more portraits while Vincent started brewing some coffee. We enjoyed coffee while watching the lobster buoys float in the water. Robert’s BeReal popped off making it the most epic BeReal shot of all time (dramatic but also true.?). We enjoyed our coffee as the sun continued to rise, then we packed up, continued on our hike, and took more portraits along the way. After returning to the car, we headed to Jordan Pond for some canoeing.

We arrived at Jordan Pond, unloaded the Old Town Canoes, gave a safety lesson, and then hopped in the canoes for some paddling. The leaves were so vibrant against the soft glow of the low sunlight. Stephen and Julie embraced the beauty and serenity of the scene around them. Tourists along the shoreline were excited and congratulated the couple from across the water. Once we were done canoeing around the pond we loaded up the canoes and dropped Stephen & Julie off in Bar Harbor for a bit of lunch, a nap, and an outfit change. We recharged with some espresso from Bar Harbor’s best Choco-latte Cafe and ate some sandwiches as we basked in the sunlight at a nearby park. After our little lunch break, we picked up Stephen and Julie and headed back into Acadia to hike Penobscot Mountain. 

Sunset Hike | Autumn vibes

As we hiked, we chatted about life growing up, our favorite national parks, and all of our plans for the future, etc. They also told us about their honeymoon trip to Europe.  The hike was so fun, and we felt like best friends. The trail we took up Penobscot Mountain has a steep climb initially and then a more gradual climb. Once above the tree line, there are beautiful 360-degree views as you hike up. In the distance, you can see the surrounding mountains and the many islands along the shore. As we hiked, the sun dipped behind clouds offering dramatic views, colors, and the occasional golden rays of the setting sun. We continued stopping at several locations for more photos with different landscape views.

We made it to the top during blue hour and put our headlamps on before making our way back down the mountain. As we walked along the carriage road until we reached our car.  We loaded up again and headed back to Bar Harbor. We wished Stephen & Julie the best on their honeymoon and new adventure together and parted ways. 

If you are thinking about eloping in Maine, click here to read all about eloping in Maine. If you want to elope in Maine, check out Where to Elope in Maine. Contact us if you want to have your elopement in Acadia this Autumn! We would love to get to know you!

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