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So you have decided to elope and go hiking! Maybe you are an old pro or maybe you are brand new to spending time on the trail. Either way, we want you to have the best experience possible when hiking on your elopement day. Here at Rendezvous, we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices. (except hurricanes and tornadoes, those are bad) To help you feel the most confidence in preparing for your hike, we want to provide you with the information you need so you know what to wear while hiking. 

What to wear while hiking

Remember these:

  • “Cotton Kills!” NO cotton or denim!
  • Wear polyester, nylon, or merino wool instead
  • Dress in layers 
  • Always have a rain jacket
  • Wear good shoes!

Cotton Kills

Here is the reason why “Cotton Kills.” Cotton holds onto your sweat. This leaves you very sweaty during the summer and chilled in the winter. Getting chilled during the winter can lead to hypothermia which can be fatal. Even on a short hike cotton should be avoided at all costs! Polyester and nylon clothing is a much better option as they wick away your sweat and dry quickly. Merino wool is also one of the best things you can wear as it is soft, wicking, quick dry, and repels odors better than other fabrics. 

Dress in Layers

Not only is what you wear important but also how you wear it. Remember, to always dress in layers! This allows you to shed or add layers as needed without making a drastic difference. For colder weather hikes there are three important layers you will need – a base, mid, and outer layer. For your base layer, it is important that it is wicking. You want your base layer to wick away your sweat and dry quickly. For cold weather hikes your base layer should cover both your core and your legs. The base layer includes your undies so make sure those are wicking and cotton free! The mid-layer needs to be an insulating layer. A good fleece or light puffy jacket is perfect for your mid-layer. If it is really cold, fleece pants are usually a good option for your lower half mid-layer.  It is usually best if your outer layer is a shell-type jacket paired with durable yet comfortable pants. What is important about the shell is that it keeps the wind and rain off of you. I have found that a rain jacket is usually best! It is important that all of your layers are breathable. This will help the wicking base layer dry as fast as possible. 

During the summer you still want a wicking base layer. Instead of a heavyweight set, it may just be a lightweight tank or long sleeve. It is important to still always carry a light mid-layer and rain jacket with you in the summer. Wind and rain in the mountains can come without any warning. It is always best to stay as dry as possible. Hiking shorts or pants are sufficient for hiking bottoms during the summer. If you have a hard time deciding between pants and shorts, zip-off hiking pants are a good option. If zip-offs are not your jam, I recommend wearing your shorts under your pants for a quick mid-trail change. This trick is perfect for those spring and fall hikes.

Wear Good Shoes

One of the most important things you will wear will be on your feet. When hiking it is important that your feet are taken care of! Healthy feet are not crammed, and are always dry! Everyone has different feet so shop around and find the perfect trail shoe for you! When it comes to socks, wool is usually the best option. You do not want your foot rubbing against your boot so it is important that you have good durable socks that wick away moisture. Whether it is sweat, rain, or a splash from a stream crossing you want your socks to dry quickly. Wet feet become feet with blisters on them. No one wants that. You want your shoe to provide good support for your foot and have an aggressive tread. Most trails are not the wide gravel paths that you see in national parks. Uneven and rocky terrain can strain your feet and ankles so having shoes that support your feet is very important! Ask the folks at your local gear shop and they will help you find the perfect shoe!

Sun Protection

Another thing that is very important is keeping the sun off of you and out of your eyes! A Buff or non-cotton bandana is a good option to help keep the sun off of your neck. We recommend wearing a trucker/baseball-style hat to keep the sun out of your face while you hike. Wide-brim hats are a good option as well. Lightweight long sleeves and pants are good options to cover any sensitive skin without using sunscreen! Next, throw on a funky pair of shades and you will be good to go!

Get on the Trail

The best way you can find what you are most comfortable hiking in is to GO HIKING! Start out with some short hikes and find out what shoes and clothes do or do not work for you! It might take some time so do not hesitate! Download Alltrails onto your phone today and find the nearest trail to your house! Then keep exploring and discovering new places! 

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