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Thunder Hole Elopement

Julia and Glen’s elopement began at a small cabin in the woods and ended on top of South Bubble Mountaintop. This is the story of their day.

The day started at a quaint cabin in the woods of MDI. We met Julia & Glen and their friends bustling about inside. We documented some details outside. Outside, we heard the sound of the crisping leaves in the wind above, the acorns sporadically falling onto the patio below. We captured some detail photos like rings, jewelry, and their vow books. We returned inside to grab the dress and document some getting-ready images. Once Julia and Glen were ready, they had an intimate first look among the small pines on the property. We loaded up into our cars and headed into Acadia National Park.

Once we arrived in the park and managed to secure parking without much effort, truly a blessing. We were near Thunder Hole and Otter Cliffs. Julia and Glen explored some of our favorite views on the loop road. We spent some time there exploring the coast and taking in the beauty that is the coast of Maine.

Little Hunters Beach

We packed up and headed over to Little Hunters Beach for their ceremony. Little Hunters Beach is past Otter Cliffs so it tends to be more secluded than the other spots along the loop road. It is a stunning pebble beach tucked in it’s own cove. There, they had their ceremony. Officiated by one of their close friends, Julia & Glen exchanged their vows and were married. After the ceremony, they had a little picnic with champagne to celebrate the momentous day.

South Bubble Mountaintop

After Little Hunters Beach we headed to South Bubble with just Julia & Glen. At the trailhead, we secured our gear & some water and started hiking. South Bubble Mountaintop is a small mountain in Acadia National Park and it’s about a 1.2 mile hike out and back to the top. With just over 300 feet elevation it is a stunning hike for how short it is! We hiked up for what we thought would be sunset however, there was a strong haze in the park that day making the sun look like the moon. This unique lighting created a fun blue hour vibe to their day. We headed back to the cars from South Bubble Mountaintop and back to the Airbnb for Geddy’s pizza & campfire S’mores.

It was truly a day to remember but don’t just take my word for it, here is more tangible evidence.

But first, the 35mm film

The video from the day shot on Super8 & Digital

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