Filled with some of the most untouched wilderness in the East, the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a place you will not want to overlook. The rugged peaks, lush forests, and trout filled rivers make for the perfect place for adventurous couples to say ‘I do!”

Eloping in The White Mountains:
An Adventurer's Guide  

New Hampshire is a small state tucked away in the northeast corner of the country. It may be small, but it is a wild mountain state with tall, rugged peaks that challenge even the best mountaineers. New Hampshire is home to the White Mountain National Forest which consists of 115,000 acres of land and forty-eight peaks rising above 4000 feet. The tall rocky summits make this the most rugged mountain range in the east. This article will help you plan the perfect adventure elopement in the awesome state of New Hampshire. 

So you want to Elope?

If you want to ditch...
  • the golf course wedding
  • traditions/trends that you don't value
  • Curating a day to appease everyone

If you would rather spend your day surrounded by epic landscapes and doing something you love with the one you love...

Then eloping is definitely for you!

The Best time


The first thing to consider when you plan an elopement in the White Mountains is what you want your day to look like. Do you want a crisp fall day in the mountains surrounded by crimson and coral colors? After a day hiking, perhaps you want to spend that late summer evening fishing on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River before returning to your campsite. Or maybe your ideal wedding day is skiing some NH backcountry with your significant other.

Each season is represented so brilliantly in the White Mountains. 

Arguably the most brilliant, and most famous season in the White Mountains is fall. The green forest canopy lights up like a blazing fire for a few weeks each year at the beginning of October. This time of year in the mountains is truly amazing and is a favorite for many. Because of this, the White Mountains can become very busy from the end of September through the end of October. Fall colors for the White Mountains usually peak around the second week in October. Live fall color tracking can be viewed here.

Winter is a long season where the mercury dips well below zero quite often. The White Mountains are known for having some of the strongest recorded winds on earth. In 1934 the Mount Washington Observatory staff recorded winds gusting at 231 miles per hour. This was the world record for the strongest winds until 1996. The winds can be strong and the temperatures can be low. The mountains are high and will be covered in snow for most of the winter.  New Hampshire is one of the best places to “ski the east!” Any type of adventure or elopement during the winter will require you to dress in warm layers. Most tourist traffic in the Whites during the winter months is centered around ski resorts and ski towns. Spending the day at a ski resort or exploring the New Hampshire backcountry could be an awesome elopement experience.

In April as the temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt, hiking becomes very enjoyable. Trails are packed hard with snow, making hiking with microspikes very enjoyable. The spring winds are not as harsh as the winter winds but will require you to hike with a light mid-layer and a good windbreaker. A rain jacket is always the best option for a windbreaker, especially in spring when rain is quite common. Spring is the quietest season in the Whites. Folks from out of state have gotten their skiing fix for the year and students are finishing up with the school year. This leaves the locals to spring skiing and hiking.

During the summer the White Mountains are a hiker's paradise and provide trails for all levels of hiking experience. The trails and peaks through the  summer become heavily trafficked with happy hikers as they seek beautiful views and good memories. Thankfully, due to the number of mountains and trails, there are quieter locations that are more secluded. Some of these locations require you to hike further than you normally would, but the views and moments you will remember are always worth it! The rivers and ponds through the Forest are filled with trout and are a fly fisherman's dream. With long days and warm evenings, summer is the perfect time for a picnic dinner and sunset elopement 

Travel & Lodging

The White Mountains are easily accessible since the heart of the range is only a two-hour drive from Boston, MA, and Portland, ME. Interstate 93 takes you from the center of Boston straight to places like Lincoln, Woodstock, and Franconia Notch. Between Plymouth and Littleton there are plenty of hotels and Air B&Bs for couples to stay in. However, there is also a plethora of campsites and campgrounds for couples who would rather camp. The small towns in this area are filled with local restaurants and cafes that serve delicious artisan foods! Along I93 through the forest, there is ample recreation and beautiful locations for all levels of ability. 

From Lincoln, you can drive over the iconic Kancamagus Highway and access great hikes and camping. The highway ends in Conway which is an awesome mountain town that has everything you will need for fueling up before your big adventure. Conway/North Conway is the perfect place for a pitstop for those who wish to elope in and around the Mount Washington area.

A unique way to camp in the Whites is to stay in Appalachian Mountain Club Huts. AMC huts are backcountry huts that individuals can hike to and camp at for a few nights. The desired nights must be reserved ahead of time. 

New Hampshire is a true mountain state and is the perfect place for the adventurous couple to say, “I do.” With miles of remote wilderness and rugged mountains, it is easy to find stunning views without spectators. If you have not considered New Hampshire as an elopement destination, put this rad mountain state on your list of options!


here are some fun ideas to inspire you to dream up an adventure of a lifetime

-Sunset hike in the Presidentials 
-Backpacking trip: Pemi Loop
-Golden Hour on Mt Chocorua 
-Rock climbing 
-Fly fishing on the river
-Day hiking in Crawford Notch
-Picnic at Lonesome Lake
-Backcountry skiing 
-Snowshoeing adventure
-A day at the lake
-Snowmobiling and a day at a cozy Airbnb

photo & video

What we do. 

Ok, let's be real. Your photographer/videographer spends most of your elopement day with you, so you want to make sure you hire one who you like! Not only will they be with you all day, but for adventure elopements, they will also be your guides. Finding someone who is knowledgeable in the outdoors is so important for adventure elopements. 

As a photo & video team, we will help you plan your ideal day, and help bring your dream to life. We will guide you on a beautiful, fun adventure for your big day. We will capture the big iconic moments and the little in-between moments. 

With Gretchen's wedding photography experience and Robert's landscape/adventure experience, you will be getting the ultimate coverage on your wedding day. You will be getting a gallery of images and a cinematic documentary of your day from two artists who are trained to capture two very different things. The combination of the two is perfect for an adventure elopement.

Planning, guiding, and documenting is our specialty, so let's work together!

LEt's bring your dream to life

Okay, this all sounds great but what makes Rendezvous Elopements different from any other elopement photographer? We have a combined 10 years of experience in the photography industry, for Robert he has been working at mastering landscapes, adventure, and brand photography. Gretchen has been a wedding photographer for the past 5 years. In 2021 we decided to join forces coupled with our love for the outdoors, Rendezvous was born. We specialize in adventurous elopements and we offer photography & videography packages to our couples. We believe eloping is such a unique way to get married but it also means that there are less people. By offering photo & video we hope to bridge the gap by allowing your loved ones to feel like they were there by seeing the cinematic film and looking through the photos from your wedding day. 

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