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Glacier National Park Elopement

Can we take a moment to appreciate the insane beauty that glacier national park showcases? Absolutely iconic and so breathtaking. It is so vast and untamed. I mean look at those little trees in the bottom left, they are actually massive trees and those mountains. MASSIVE. Molly and Trenton were so fun to be around. Their energy is electric and inspires everyone they meet. Sun Point is the perfect location for your Glacier National Park Elopement. 

We absolutely adore the Rocky Mountains that span from New Mexico to the northernmost part of western Canada. We love the dramatic views that the rocky mountains in Montana provide. Do not get me wrong, the North East has big mountains. If you do not believe me then check out the White Mountains, Acadia, or Baxter State Park in Maine and report back. 

Back to Glacier National Park Elopements.

Eloping has increased so much in the past few years and became really popular in 2020. Glacier has become a hotspot for elopements. This national park has one main road. This road is named “Going to the Sun Road” because you literally keep driving up the side of a mountain. There are stunning views in every direction while you drive.

With the increase in domestic travel over the past few years, Glacier National Park like many other parks has increased restrictions on permits for elopements. Earlier this year we compiled an elopement guide for Glacier National Park. We also wrote one for Montana in general because there are SO many cool spots in this massive state outside of the park. When considering eloping in the west, Glacier National Park might be the perfect spot for you!

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