How to Elope in the North East


Did you know you can elope in the North East? A big misconception in the elopement world is that you must go to Colorado or the PNW to elope because that is what most of us have seen portrayed on social media. Well, we are here to change that. Growing up on the East Coast, we’ve spent countless hours playing in the deep forests, hiking around the Appalachian, skipping rocks on the Maine shores. Many people just don’t realize that there are so many great places in the North East to elope. So without further ado; How to elope in the North East.

We absolutely love out west, in fact we have all spent time living in Wyoming or Montana and we consider it a piece of our hearts. We’ve camped in Utah, backpacked in Idaho, explored western Montana. One of us even participated in a rodeo in Montana but that’s a story for another time. We love going out west but we also love and appreciate all that the North East has to offer including its accessibility, food, history, and strong family presence.

The North East offers a wide variety of landscapes from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the high peaks of the White Mountains, and the rugged coastline of Maine.

Some benefits to eloping in the North East rapid fire style

  • Accessibility: driving from Pennsylvania to Maine takes about 7 hours.
  • Driving means no need to worry about car rentals and the insanity that is the airport system
  • Budgeting: Realizing you can elope wherever you want means you can save so much money on travel costs
  • Peak Fall: *think Gilmore girls rich autumn colors*
  • National Park Permits: The North East (specifically Acadia) is a little behind the elopement game unlike its big sisters (Rocky Mountain, Glacier, and GTNP) meaning the process is less stressful.


Many people may choose to elope in the North East because it’s home or close to it! If you’d rather spend more money on your honeymoon, or maybe you have kids, parents, friends, etcetera that you want to include in your day without making them fly across the country. Eloping in the North East has so many options for eloping that can be fit to your ideal day. Do you want to go on an epic adventure, kayak to an island and get married in the Atlantic, backpack into the Bigelows and say “I do” under a sea of stars? If this sounds like you hit us up!

As far as accessibility for disability goes. There are two large peaks in the North East that you can drive a car up which is awesome! Mount Washington in New Hampshire has an auto road cars can drive up. Cadillac Mountain in Acadia also has a road that cars can drive up. Cadillac Mountain is also the first spot in America to be touched by the sun light every morning.


Traveling can be so expensive with car rentals, flight delays, hotels, etc. the costs adds up! We love the North East because it is not only beautiful but we have a host of hidden gems that we’ve scouted and hiked to find that give major out west vibes but are local to our little corner of the states! For example, Boston is 2 hours from the White Mountains and 5 hours from Acadia. If you are in Boston, flights to Iceland take about 6 hours.

Two words. Peak Fall.

We may not have snowcapped peaks in July but we have a pretty INSANE autumn. I can almost smell the crisp damp air, the pumpkin spice, the cozy evenings. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a non air-conditioned room whilst it’s 95 degrees out right now. Peak fall in Northern & Western Maine end of September. Peak fall in Acadia & the White Mountains occurs around the first week of October.

National Park Permits.

Okay if you are new to the elopement game, first off, welcome. Deep breath! Most if not all by now, National Parks in the US require a permit to “elope” in their park. I say “elope” because even if you say vows outside of the park, some parks still require a permit to have your portraits taken there. It’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Best bet? Pick the park you want to get married in and then do research. We will help you with this once you book with us!

Park Permits essentially keep us all safe, it keeps these parks beautiful by limiting the amount of people traipsing around in wedding attire. It allows your day to be about you! Elopements have become an increasingly popular way to get married which we are ALL for. This can overwhelm smaller National Parks just due to many couples wanting to get married in epic locations. Again, we get it.

The permits allow your day to be about you. Thankfully, Acadia is less well known for elopements which means it is less of a struggle to get a permit. Many couples try to elope in these larger National Parks during peak season which backs up the permit department causing delayed acceptance of permits, etc.

We don’t limit ourselves to just America either. Oh no no no. We have SO much right next to us!

Hello Prince Edward Island

Bonjour Nova Scotia

Hi Newfoundland & Labrador

Hey Greenland

Halló Iceland

Honestly, Iceland is a BIG bucket list location for us in 2023 so if you’re thinking about eloping there hit us up!! We are big time suckers for lupines. Which by the way. Maine has wild lupine fields, Iceland vibes without the passport?! We love to see it!

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