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So you have decided to elope! One question we get asked a lot is, “What are the best shoes to wear for our elopement.” This is a loaded question and highly depends on what your day looks like! If you are staying in town i.e. a courthouse, sailboat cruise, or getting married in a park your shoe choice might be different. However, if you are opting for any sort of hiking, good-fitting shoes are a must. I know they might not be sequined or trendy, but trust us, your feet and ankles will thank you later. 

The type of adventure you are going on for your elopement should highly influence your shoe choice. We are photographers but Robert is a registered Maine guide and Gretchen was an ER nurse. Safety is a top priority for us. One of the biggest components of safety in the wilderness is being prepared. Knowing the terrain and type of environment you will be exploring is a great start to being prepared. Ideally, comfortable shoes, have good soles for grip on slippery rocks, and have good ankle support. If your elopement involves a nice dinner in the evening you can change shoes or simply rock the hiking shoes you are in. 

Like personalities all feet are different. We have different needs and wants when it comes to shoes. 

We have listed some brands we love below. 

elopement hiking shoes

Longer Hiking Shoes


Solomon has some of the best shoes for hiking and trail running. These shoes are carried in most gear shops so you should be able to find a pair that fits you well. If you are looking to invest in a pair of hiking boots or sneakers, Solomons are a good option.

La Sportiva 

La Sportiva is also one of the best out there, but they are not carried in every shop so finding a pair to try on might be difficult. This company has great boots for mountaineering. If you are hoping that your elopement is the start of a life in the mountains, La Sportiva is potentially the brand to go with.


Ooh okay, we love our Altras. We have the Lone Peak sneakers for hiking and trail running and love them. There is also a boot version of our shoes which will provide much more support for your ankles. We have hiked Katahdin, Franconia Ridge, and many more epic trails in our Altras.


A tried and true hiking boot. We love the ankle stability and the waterproofing. Vincent & I (Gretchen) decided it would be a great time to hike Mount Marcy, cold turkey. We arrived at the trailhead at 8:30 and the parking lot was full. We ended up parking 2 miles from the trailhead and somehow the hike ended up being 21 miles. I did not break these boots in prior but I had no blisters. 

Shorter Hiking Shoes


While not traditionally a hiking shoe, they have hiking shoes available. What we love about these shoes is that they are “zero drop” shoes. Zero Drop means the sole is the same thickness under the heel and the toes. They also have wide toe boxes to allow your feet not to be cramped. They are great everyday shoes and would be perfect for a more relaxed elopement. We own Lems and wear them often.

elopement hiking shoe


How can you go wrong with Blundstones? These boots are comfortable and look great. Blundstones are top quality and are made to last. Not only will these boots be great shoes for a simple elopement, but they will also be boots that last for many years. 

If you have a pair of sneakers or boots that work well for you then we want you to be in those. As long as you are comfortable and secure, that is all we care about. Please don’t feel like you need to go out there and buy more shoes just because we suggested it! We want to just provide you with the information in case you do not know what to look for.

Acadia National Park Elopement 35mm film

Even Lighter Hiking Shoes

For lighter days or if you prefer a sandal we recommend Chacos, Tevas, or Earthrunners.  

If you want to continue to learn more about planning your elopement day we have linked a few resources below including: 

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