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Acadia National Park extends beyond Mount Desert Island to neighboring islands and the Schoodic Peninsula which is about an hour from Bar Harbor. It is known as one of the less popular areas of Acadia. When Sam and Carrie reached out to us, they knew immediately that they wanted a Schoodic Point elopement in Acadia National Park.


We arrived at their cottage at 4 a.m. on a cool July morning near Schoodic Point. As we drove to Schoodic Point, the cool salt air fogged our windshields as we drove past lonely lobster boats in the harbor. Upon arriving at Schoodic Point, Sam and Carrie had their ceremony where they exchanged vows to each other and to their daughter. The ceremony was sweet and the landscape was picture-perfect. Lobster boats were just starting to cruise by as we drove to another location for a picnic.

Picnic at Schoodic Point

Sam & Carrie set up their picnic space and celebrated while taking in the breathtaking atmosphere of Acadia National Park. After the picnic, we took more portraits before heading to a local pond for some canoeing.

Canoeing on the Pond

After a quick safety lesson by our very own Maine State Guide, Robert Trumble, we hopped into the canoes for a quick paddle around the pond. Gretchen was taking photos while Robert was videoing and flying his drone for some extra shots. They ended their time splashing in the pond to cool off.

We had so much fun with Sam & Carrie exploring Schoodic point for their Elopement in Acadia National Park!

Ravens Nest Elopement Sunrise
Ravens Nest Elopement couple | Acadia national park Maine
Schoodic Point Elopement Photographer
Acadia Elopement Photographer
Schoodic Point Elopement in Acadia National Park
Schoodic Point Elopement in Acadia National Park
Watch the Behind the Scenes Vlog
The final video from their Elopement day!

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