Cadillac Mountain Elopement | M & E | Acadia National Park


M & E knew from the very first phone call that they wanted a Cadillac Mountain elopement. We started the day on the rocky cliffside of Acadia National Park and ended on top of Cadillac Mountain the highest point on the island. We met M&E at the parking lot of Otter Cliffs then we descended to the cliffs below. M & E were troopers as we made our way down to the rock climbing area whilst in their wedding attire. We photographed them exploring the cliffside. Rock climbers were doing their thing and said their congratulations to the couple as we explored the area.

After exploring the area we headed back to our cars and drove to Jordan Pond. M & E wanted a diverse array of landscapes for their elopement day and we were happy to accommodate. We drove to Jordan Pond and walked around the area a bit, exploring the boat launch, trails, and boardwalk along the pond. It was a busy day at the park and the haze from the Canadian wildfires dimmed the sun to the point that we overheard many tourists mistaking it for the moon.

The Drive Up Cadillac Mountain

After exploring Jordan Pond, we ended the day at Cadillac Mountain for sunset. Cadillac Mountain has a permit registration system to help with traffic on the mountain. We got to the top and were able to roam around the area with M & E. The sun was covered so it was essentially blue hour the whole time we were on the mountain. It was stunning. The haze of the day made it so that the sea melted into the sky seamlessly. Okay enough of me rambling, take a look for yourselves of M&E’s Cadillac Mountain Elopement!

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